Category: Alchemy


How To Make Things Better

I talked last time about applying the seven operations of alchemy to the process of transforming anything – selves, businesses, relationships, whatever.  And while it sounds really cool to put it in alchemical terms, I think putting it in mundane terms is probably more useful. So what’s the roadmap to transformation? Be willing to let […]


Alchemical Entrepreneurship

I’ve recently been spending a lot of time and energy on creating and building up what used to be hobbies into business ventures.  It’s a process that’s absolutely transformative, not just on the level of trying to change the end goal of a pursuit but on a personal level as well.  I’ve been in business […]


The Sacred Spirit

In my alchemical pursuits, I’ve done a lot of thinking about the relationship of spirit and soul.  And I think it’s rather interesting to consider the ramifications of those spiritual traditions which focus so intently on the protection or persistence of the soul.  From the standpoint of someone who considers the careful transformation of the […]


Too Much Soul

I got to wondering the other day about how time factors into alchemy, not in the sense of timing various workings, but in the much more general, long term sense.  Why is it that so many alchemists and students of alchemy cling so tightly to the past and reject present-day attempts to approach the subject […]


Relational Alchemy

In Alchemical terms, everything in existence is made up of salt, sulfur, and mercury.  It’s easy to apply that kind of thinking to substances, individuals, or objects.  But scale is never an issue in alchemy, so it must be applicable to groups and organizations, nations, species, etc.  If we can go small we can go […]


Becoming the Change Agent

When I tell people that I’m an alchemist or a student of alchemy, I always have to elaborate further.  And I think for the most part people are less interested in what alchemy is about than what I do with it. Ultimately, what I do with it is think a lot about the nature of […]