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My First Tarot Altar

I teased in one of my tarot videos that I would start posting about this new thing I started with tarot altars, so here we go: No surprise to anyone, I’m sure, but I like to find unique ways to use tarot in life besides just drawing cards to see what might be around the […]

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A Little Kick

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been working on a Feminist Tarot.  It’s coming along nicely, actually, and I’ll most certainly have it completed and ready to distribute by later this year.  But, of course, releasing it to a wide audience and really getting all the technical pieces in place (bar codes, volume discounts, etc) takes more […]

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A Feminist Tarot: The World

There’s something bittersweet in finally achieving a long-sought goal.  Yes, success is sweet, and there is triumph in completion.  But the journey is often the best part, and ending a journey can leave us wondering what to do next.  And sometimes success brings changes we didn’t anticipate. It reminds me of an article I came […]

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A Feminist Tarot: Judgment

We all hold on too tight to things we ought to let go.  It’s one of those human commonalities which should make it easier to understand each other but rarely works that way.  And this card tells us to come to terms with those things and let them go. It’s rarely logical, the things we […]

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A Feminist Tarot: The Sun

Where the Wheel of Fortune was luck, the Sun is good fortune.  Where the Star spoke of long-term success in the future, the Sun is short-term success today.  When I talked about the Tower and those moments of revelatory devastation leading to motivational clarity, the Sun is the day before that moment when everything seemed […]

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A Feminist Tarot: The Moon

From a feminist perspective, this card provokes a rather defensive reaction from me.  After all, it’s this idea of the irrational, moody, emotional female which has been used to restrict and oppress women over the course of centuries.  The image of the uncontrollable insane genius is considered fascinating in men, dangerous in women. This card […]

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A Feminist Tarot: The Star

This is one of those beautiful but esoteric depictions in the tarot deck, and one which further uses feminine imagery in a way which no longer really speaks to us as women. But the meaning of the card is important and extremely relevant to feminism as a movement: Good things are on the way, in […]

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A Feminist Tarot: The Tower

I was recently having a discussion with a group of feminist women where we were talking about how so many women younger than us seemed to have trouble finding relevance in feminist ideas.  The reaction against the Women’s March, against the label of feminist, against the very idea that there is more to win and […]

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A Feminist Tarot: The Devil

I found this card one of the most interesting to redesign, as it taps directly into one of the most difficult issues in feminism:  sexuality and morality.  So much of feminism and resistance to feminism is rooted in conflict over how a woman’s sexuality can and should be expressed, right down to the ultimate conflict […]

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A Feminist Tarot: Temperance

Temperance, despite the word’s association with the prohibitionist movement, has nothing to do with giving things up.  Think of an alloy – two substances blended to get some of the best qualities of both.  Temperance is about taking two opposites and creating a stronger third option. Thinking of this concept in terms of gender equality actually […]