Category: Pathfinding


What We Seek

Spirituality is a journey.  Some of us may not have a definitive “Point B” we’re traveling to, but at any given point we’re at a “Point A” and our goal is to go somewhere else.  And it’s everything that happens between A and B which constitutes one’s spiritual life.  I think too many of us, in […]


No Truth

The different types of spiritual paths can be divided up a lot of ways, but I think one of the most significant are those with a goal or result and those without.  Some paths promise some kind of reward for achieving something spiritually, either after death or in the form of enlightenment.  Some paths focus […]


Spiritual Questions

I’ve written a lot in the past about spiritual pathfinding, or figuring out what the best tradition or practice is for yourself.  While I’d definitely categorize some spiritual beliefs and practices as detrimental either to the individual or to society at large, for the most part I believe that people should find the best path […]