It occurred to me the other day that what we sometimes refer to as religious extremism or fundamentalism is really more accurately described as… Toxic spirituality. Much like toxic masculinity, it’s the weaponizing of an idea, used to elevate one group and oppress another.  And it can happen in essentially any path, any religion, any […]


We Can’t All Be Deities

While I think it’s important to have imagery of powerful women to balance the overwhelming number of powerful men in the world and in our mythologies, there has to be a place for women which isn’t defined by superlatives.  This is especially important in spirituality.  We cannot be always looking at perfect or idealized women. […]


When I Grow Up…

I find it troubling that we give spirituality such a large chunk of influence in our lives, but we often give it the least amount of scrutiny and examination, even when we’re actively searching for a new spiritual environment. We obsess over our academic paths, our career paths, our family plans, our future ambitions, but […]


Balance, Part Three

The other way I think many people tend to think of balance is in the sense of bookkeeping.  We seek to balance our karma or our energy the same way we balance our checkbook.  For what we put out, we must deposit more in, whatever spiritual resource we’re dealing with, and we want to be […]


Alchemical Entrepreneurship

I’ve recently been spending a lot of time and energy on creating and building up what used to be hobbies into business ventures.  It’s a process that’s absolutely transformative, not just on the level of trying to change the end goal of a pursuit but on a personal level as well.  I’ve been in business […]


Global Emotional Overload

No matter what your stance is on the state of the world these days, no matter who or what you think is right and wrong, we are in a global state of high emotional response.  And what I know as absolute truth is that the vast majority of us are not equipped to handle it. […]

Tarot Reading

Sample Spread: Ten of Cups, Strength, Ten of Pentacles

This spread looks all rainbows and puppies right from the start, right? Let’s dig in. Past – Ten of Cups – Abundance of emotional fulfillment, enough joy to share with others Present – Strength – Patience required to tame wild forces, success through persistence and persuasion rather than force Future – Ten of Pentacles – […]

Tarot Reading

Life is Change

I think at least 75% of the people who come to me for tarot readings are really looking less for guidance than for peace of mind.  They want to know if they’re doing the right thing, if their perception of things is correct, if there is a light at the end of the tunnel they’re […]


Balance, Part Two

Another thing we tend to mean when we talk about balance is a sense of not being pulled one way or another by the forces around us, of keeping our footing and not struggling to stay upright, metaphorically speaking.  Like a gymnast on a balance beam, we seek to exist in a state where we […]


Embracing our Inner Goddesses

It’s a difficult balance to strike, both celebrating women after millennia of being the oppressed gender and championing gender equality.  I strongly believe that the problems of the patriarchy aren’t solved by instituting a matriarchy in its place, and yet it can be so uplifting to embrace the power of womanhood as an act of […]