Can We Guess Your Meyers-Briggs Type Based On How You Pray?

Using various aspects of our lives as indicators of our “personality types” has become a veritable hobby, it seems, for many of my friends on social media.  It’s fun to answer a few questions about your coffee order, your favorite TV show characters, what kind of words best describe your attitude towards food, and then […]


Why Can’t God Change His Mind?

In my mid-20s, I decided to become Catholic.  I found Mass to be a more spiritually relevant form of worship than the informal, non-denominational Protestant tradition I’d grown up in.  It was at once more personal and less intrusive.  I could sit alone in the pew and worship in a way which resonated personally without […]

Defining Spirituality

Spirit: an animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms

Spirit:  an animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms If the spirit is what gives us life, then spirituality is really focused on what it means to be a living being.  What makes us alive?  What animates us?  What makes us do what we do, think the way we think, and […]

About the Books

About the Books, Part 1

I’ve mentioned on my “about” page that I’m currently working on two books.  One is my long term project and, in a way, the centerpiece of my spiritual life at the moment.  The other is likely to be finished much more quickly and is an offshoot of the other project.  Since they (and the books […]


It’s Not So Different, Really

As I’ve gotten older, the amount of responsibility I’ve taken on in life has increased.  I assume that’s how it’s supposed to be.  I’m still sometimes unclear on if I’m doing this “adulting” thing correctly, although most signs point towards yes.  At the very least, if my ability to adult is graded pass/fail I’m generally […]


I Need To Feel Wanted

I’ve always expected my spiritual path, no matter which one I’ve been on, to provide me some kind of outlet for my talents and interests.  That’s actually how I tend to pursue all things, spiritual or not, so I know I can’t expect this to be the same expectation held by everyone else.   But […]

Uninspiring Inspirations

As I Look Back On My Life…

“As I look back on my life, I realize that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being redirected to something better.” The funny thing is that we never know what might have happened if something in our past had gone differently.  Whether we assume that it would […]


A Worthy Sacrifice

One of the most fascinating and, in some ways, attractive rituals involved in organized religion is that of the willing sacrifice, fast, or committed abstinence.  Sometimes it is something expected as part of a pious lifestyle, as in celibacy for some in religious orders or vegetarianism for Jains.  Sometimes it is a fast performed ritually […]


It’s Not About You

Empathy is the key to all sorts of things, as it puts our focus not outside ourselves and expands our understanding of human existence.  It’s exceptionally important and, I think, is probably the single most important ability we can develop as human beings.   I was thinking the other day about the incredible benefits which […]


I Think

My spiritual practice is simple.  I study.  I think.  I write.  Those things enrich my spirit.  I observe a personal habit of focusing each week on one of the four alchemical elements and try to accomplish things during that week which relate to that element.  That keeps me balanced.  On every solstice and equinox, I […]