Uninspiring Inspirations

“What’s stopping you? (That’s right. Nothing.)”

Well, probably not nothing.  It’s likely some amount of fear, which can mean there are actual risks involved with whatever it is you’re considering.   Or maybe you’re being held back by actual constraints like legal restrictions. Perhaps you’re facing systemic inequality which makes it exponentially harder for you to gain the required access or […]


In Defense of Holiday Shopping as a Spiritual Practice

It strikes me as funny that there is so much pseudo-religious fury over stores not properly expressing Christian beliefs.  When I was a kid I remember people being up in arms about greed and materialism drowning out the religious message of the season.  Religious parents used to worry that buying gifts for their kids made […]


For Your Mind Only

When I graduated from college and moved out on my own, my parents expressed more concern about whether I’d found a church than whether I’d found a job.  That’s not to say that they didn’t think employment was important.  I assume that they were concerned that I might not consider my religious life a priority. […]