Militant Compassion

I got to thinking the other day about how, exactly, those of us who are outside the circles of militant religion can be a force against it in a way that doesn’t feel trite and useless.  And it occurred to me that in some ways, we have to be as militantly loving and compassionate and […]


Resistance is Futile

Early in my relationship, I found myself having to make a dramatic change in my life for which I was neither prepared nor particularly excited.  My wife (girlfriend at the time) found herself needing a new place to live, and the only logical and economically feasible solution at the time was for her to move […]


I don’t know anymore.

Another day, another shooting, which is literally what life on Earth has become.  Everyone has their opinions on why and what to do about it, and mostly the people who could do something don’t really do anything at all.  They just talk about how they are The Ones Who Know All The Answers. And for every […]


Like a Moth to a Flame

When I was a kid, I was scared of fire.  I was so scared of fire that I got nervous about birthday cakes.  I was afraid someone would get a sleeve or their hair too close to the candles and go up in flames.  The single most terrifying place for me to be was in […]


There’s No GPS to Get You to Heaven

I’ve often tried to explain or write down in detail the steps in my life which have brought me to my current set of beliefs.  The difficulty lies not only in defining exactly what my beliefs are at the current moment (at least in terms which are meaningful to anyone but myself), but also in […]

Uninspiring Inspirations

“What’s stopping you? (That’s right. Nothing.)”

Well, probably not nothing.  It’s likely some amount of fear, which can mean there are actual risks involved with whatever it is you’re considering.   Or maybe you’re being held back by actual constraints like legal restrictions. Perhaps you’re facing systemic inequality which makes it exponentially harder for you to gain the required access or […]


In Defense of Holiday Shopping as a Spiritual Practice

It strikes me as funny that there is so much pseudo-religious fury over stores not properly expressing Christian beliefs.  When I was a kid I remember people being up in arms about greed and materialism drowning out the religious message of the season.  Religious parents used to worry that buying gifts for their kids made […]


For Your Mind Only

When I graduated from college and moved out on my own, my parents expressed more concern about whether I’d found a church than whether I’d found a job.  That’s not to say that they didn’t think employment was important.  I assume that they were concerned that I might not consider my religious life a priority. […]