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Perhaps I Should Wear a Warning Label

Ironically, of all the big revelations I’ve made to people about who I am and what I believe, my atheism is the one thing which strikes people as dangerous and detrimental. And I know it’s not unusual.  I know I’m not alone in that.  Atheism scares people. The roots of religion in the modern world […]


Welcome to the Real World

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been part of a handful of spiritual paths over the years.  I was raised in an evangelical Protestant family, became Catholic after graduating college, began studying Wicca and neopaganism a few years after that, then became something of an atheistic pagan.  I think religions and spiritual paths, much like jobs, are […]


An Atheist’s Faith

I wrote a while back on how social activism could, really, be a spiritual path of its own.  Admittedly, I’ve been consumed with these thoughts in tandem with being consumed with social activism.  Learning about various upheavals and movements in school did not adequately prepare me for the reality of times like these, where I […]


Atheists in Foxholes

They say there are no atheists in foxholes.  And yet, here we are, many of us feeling as if the battle has come to our doorsteps, and from what I have seen there has been no rush to a belief in the divine.  Instead we’re rising up, pulling together, raising voices. So, is the aphorism […]


Should Activism be the Center of Atheist Spirituality?

In a great many organized religions, some kind of community outreach or service is a main tenet.  Whether or not the spirit of such activities are put into actual practice is a completely different subject, but for many people that is the part of religion that they find somewhat essential.  Religions tell you how to […]


Your God Tells You Who You Are

Our sense of self has a lot to do with how we see our place in the world, in the universe.  And our sense of our place in the greater scheme of things has a lot to do with our spiritual beliefs and our picture of the structure of the cosmos and the powers within […]

About the Books

Somewhere Between Missionary Anthropologists and Ancient Aliens…

So, work still progresses very slowly on my Magnum Opus, and when I talk about it with people I admit to struggling with one key factor about its content.  The whole premise of the book is that, by looking at the history of mankind and the evolution of spirituality and religion as we know it, […]


In the End

Not too long ago, I was having a discussion with a coworker wherein the conversation led to me mentioning my book and blog.  I had not previously realized that this coworker was a devout Christian, and apparently it had never crossed his mind that I was not.  When I said that I was an atheist, […]


Be the Good, Forget the Haters

It’s always interesting to see how people react to learning various facts about you, especially when you know that the impression they have of you may contradict the image they will associate with some other aspect of your life.  For instance, when people find out I was a cheerleader in high school they often expect […]


Stuck in the Middle With You?

It’s a strange place, living somewhere between atheism and religion.  To the religious and traditionally spiritual, I have no faith and no spiritual life.  To the atheists, I’m misinterpreting what atheism means.   In reality, I think the line between the two sides is far blurrier than is generally understood. I am, absolutely, an atheist. […]