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In my blog post about celebration being the root of spiritual practice, I left out a significant reason we tend to celebrate in our lives:  accomplishment.  We don’t often think of it as a spiritual activity, but when you think about it it’s those things we put effort into, those successes we get excited about, […]


It’s My Party…

When we want to know about someone’s spiritual beliefs, we most often ask them exactly that:  What do you believe?  But that question can be so difficult to answer sometimes, and we’ve seemingly settled on a two-prong approach (here’s a summary of dogma, and here’s what that means is wrong with the world) which doesn’t […]

Everyday Rituals

Yule Brinner and Other Punny Holidays

On the topic of everyday or non-traditional rituals, my favorite celebration of the year happens at the Winter Solstice or Yule.  On that day, I gather my framily for a special feast of foods that, though we eat in the evening, are traditional breakfast foods.  If you’re a fan of the show Scrubs, you might […]