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Alchemical Entrepreneurship

I’ve recently been spending a lot of time and energy on creating and building up what used to be hobbies into business ventures.  It’s a process that’s absolutely transformative, not just on the level of trying to change the end goal of a pursuit but on a personal level as well.  I’ve been in business […]


Becoming Your Best Self

The difference between evolution and self-evolution is that, to some extent, you can shape and direct your self-evolution.  The whole point is that you don’t have to be or to become the person the forces around you would conspire to create on their own.  You can let your life experience make you what you are, […]



I aspire to evolve, to develop myself through my spiritual pursuits.  But this concept isn’t without its problematic aspects.  Exactly what do we envision when we are told to strive to become a higher or better version of ourselves? Having taken up social justice as a focus, I’ve been having more and more conversations with […]


Weird and Wild

When I was a kid, what I wanted more than anything was to fit in with the other kids.  I wanted to do what they did, wear the things they wore, be into the things they were into.  It was a common desire, it seems.  So common, in fact, that as an adult it’s tempting […]