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The Chain of Manipulation

There are not many religions or spiritual paths active in humanity today which I would say I oppose out of hand.  There are facets of many religions and spiritual paths which strike me as singularly destructive and damaging to people, to humanity as a whole, however.   Evangelism and mission work is one of those […]


Give and Take

I’m fairly sure nobody makes it through life without needing help from others.  By the same token, most of us follow some kind of philosophy or tradition which calls upon us to offer help to those around us who need it.  One thing that we have finally started to understand, however, is that those who […]


Why You Never Want To Be Alone in the Lead

We all have ways in which we manipulate others to do what we want.   My wife does this thing where she pretends to be so helpless that other people will feel compelled to help her out when in reality she’s totally capable of doing whatever it is herself.  Like when she’s trying to make […]