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Too Much Soul

I got to wondering the other day about how time factors into alchemy, not in the sense of timing various workings, but in the much more general, long term sense.  Why is it that so many alchemists and students of alchemy cling so tightly to the past and reject present-day attempts to approach the subject […]


Out of the Mouths of Babes

There’s an interesting thing about wisdom.  It’s fairly universally assumed to come with age.  We look to our forebears to tell us what they’ve learned through their lives so that we don’t make the same mistakes they did, and we expect those younger than us to respect our opinions on account of our age and […]


If You Had a Blue Box…

Through the research I’m doing for my biggest book project, I’m sort of traveling into the past to try and see where our spirituality comes from.  The past is a fascinating treasure trove of evidence and speculation, of the roots of the human existence and projected imaginings from our own biased minds.  The past is […]


A Moment in Time

The biggest difference between my spiritual life now and my spiritual life as it has been on other paths is that my primary focus is on the present.  What can I do now?  What needs to change now?  How am I doing right now? Sure, I make plans for the near future.  Ongoing routines and […]