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Pick a Card

The prevailing use of tarot cards involves a randomization of the cards, taking what the shuffled deck gives and interpreting or using that as a tool.  But there are many ways of using the tarot deck more purposefully. In other words, it’s also possible for you to pick the card rather than letting the card […]


How To Make Things Better

I talked last time about applying the seven operations of alchemy to the process of transforming anything – selves, businesses, relationships, whatever.  And while it sounds really cool to put it in alchemical terms, I think putting it in mundane terms is probably more useful. So what’s the roadmap to transformation? Be willing to let […]

Tarot Reading

Choose Your Own Adventure

Stories are powerful things.  When we tell stories about ourselves, the process of crafting the tale (even if it’s true) is actually a process of making small adjustments to the person we aspire to be.  We get to paint our own portrait, and we get to smooth over some parts and embellish others to suit […]

Tarot Reading

Life is Change

I think at least 75% of the people who come to me for tarot readings are really looking less for guidance than for peace of mind.  They want to know if they’re doing the right thing, if their perception of things is correct, if there is a light at the end of the tunnel they’re […]

Tarot Reading

Crossing the Boundaries

I can’t think of any good process for improving yourself in any way which doesn’t involve stepping outside your comfort zone in some way, pushing yourself to do things which are uncomfortable or different.  If you want to change, you have to be willing to change.  If you want to learn to do more than […]


In the Dark Corners

The hardest part of trying to elevate yourself and your way of being is confronting those parts of yourself that don’t serve you, that hold you back.  Those parts which are the most in need of adjustment and examination are often the ones most painful to face, which is why people have a hard time […]


Becoming Your Best Self

The difference between evolution and self-evolution is that, to some extent, you can shape and direct your self-evolution.  The whole point is that you don’t have to be or to become the person the forces around you would conspire to create on their own.  You can let your life experience make you what you are, […]


Tarot as Life Coach

I’m a tarot reader on a professional level now (in the sense that I now do it to generate income rather than just doing it for friends) and though I’ve talked some about the tarot deck I’m working on I’ve not really talked about my approach to tarot.  At least not that I can remember.  […]



I aspire to evolve, to develop myself through my spiritual pursuits.  But this concept isn’t without its problematic aspects.  Exactly what do we envision when we are told to strive to become a higher or better version of ourselves? Having taken up social justice as a focus, I’ve been having more and more conversations with […]


Becoming the Hero

There was one particular period in my life that I consider a turning point towards becoming a fully integrated human being.  I won’t tell the whole tale, as it’s long, but the short version is that I finally realized that other people and other things could not be blamed for the fact that I made […]