About Bridget

Bridget Owens is a writer, artist, tarot reader, and philosopher.  Raised nondenominational Protestant, she became Catholic in her 20s, then drifted through an eclectic variety of pagan traditions before declaring herself technically atheist but deeply spiritual.  She is a student of the International Alchemy Guild and is the organizer of a local pagan discussion group.  She also creates wands, athames, and other pagan craft items, and she reads tarot at Alchemist Attic in Springfield, MO.

Her published works include A Tarot Reader’s Resource Workbook and the series of Mantras and Affirmations Coloring Books.

Bridget is currently working on a series of zodiac-themed Mantras and Affirmations Coloring Books and several traditional books, including a Tarot for Atheists, The Alchemy of Social Justice, and a treatise on the historical roots of spirituality and what it can teach modern seekers.  A card and guided journal kit for spiritual seekers is in the planning stages as well.

She is also creating The Feminist Tarot, for which she has a Kickstarter campaign.


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