About the Book

Spirituality isn’t about truth. It’s not even about belief. The fulfilling spiritual path you’ve been searching for isn’t something you can find, it’s something you must custom build to fit your authentic deep self. 

Nobody wants to live an inauthentic life, but everyone feels the pressure to hide and reshape themselves to live up to the expectations of others. Those pressures include the ideals which traditional spirituality says will lead to transformation and higher spiritual attainment. So when you try to be more authentic, you actually pressure yourself to live up to your internal ideal rather than nurturing the imperfect individual you are. 

Deep Self Magic teaches you how to connect with and embrace your authentic deep self, surfacing the aspects of your soul which you’ve felt pressured to reject and hide away. It guides you through the process of emergence where you can release the burden of inauthenticity you’ve been buried beneath for too long. And you’ll tap into your innate magic to transform and evolve those aspects of your authentic self which no longer serve you so you can truly thrive. 

Using alchemical principles and examples from her own widely varied spiritual history, Bridget Owens guides you through the practical realities of shadow work, releasing your spiritual baggage and inauthenticities, and mastering the magical skills necessary to facilitate spiritual evolution.

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About the Author

Bridget Owens is the creator of The Waxing Soul podcast, the Mantras and Affirmations Coloring Book series, and The Feminist Tarot. Her passion for authentic living comes from her own experience as a queer woman and urban atheist witch in the Bible Belt. Growing up the child of an Evangelical minister, her spiritual path has taken her through Catholicism to Neopaganism, and ultimately showed her that spirituality is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.

Bridget resides in Missouri with her wife and (as per stereotype) their small family of beloved cats. Her hobbies include starting multiple craft projects which may or may not ever be finished, starting multiple home improvement projects which may or may not ever be finished, and the usual geeky pastimes like cosplay, D&D, and getting deeply invested in fictional worlds.