Deep Self Magic teaches you how to connect with and embrace your authentic deep self, surfacing the aspects of your soul which you’ve felt pressured to reject and hide away. It guides you through the process of emergence where you can release the burden of inauthenticity you’ve been buried beneath for too long. And you’ll tap into your innate magic to transform and evolve those aspects of your authentic self which no longer serve you so you can truly thrive. 

The Shadow Resolution Toolkit is a free PDF resource to help you leverage your shadow aspects in a way that helps reveal your authentic self.

Stop setting resolutions and personal goals that make you feel bad and set some that will truly transform you!

The Waxing Soul Podcast has launched and will drop new episodes every Thursday!

Full transcripts of individual episodes also available in the blog:

The Feminist Tarot

Because the world needs a tarot deck where all the women do more than bear children and play second fiddle to male monarchs!

A Tarot Reader’s Resource Workbook

Build your own personal custom resource as you dig deeper into the deck!

Mantras and Affirmations Coloring Books

A series of coloring books to bring focus and shift mindset.