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Spiritual Equality

In a world where so much of what we do and believe, how much of our organizational systems are set up, involves and relies upon the idea that men and women are inherently different in more than biology.  Even in cases where the prevalent patriarchy isn’t in charge, where women take the helm and define […]


Recognizing Goals

I’m a very goal-oriented person.  I always have something I’m working towards, usually more than one thing.  And I’m not known for setting small, reasonable goals, either.  I tend to go big. But one thing I’m really bad at (but have only recently realized) is recognizing when I’ve achieved a goal, especially a smaller one. […]


Do We Really Fear Fear Itself?

I read something the other day which basically posited that the average human doesn’t actual fear failure or loss, we actually fear the emotional reactions to failure and loss.  I’ve long understood that a lot of my more destructive patterns of behavior stem from fear of failure, but maybe that really isn’t the case. Is […]


What if Nobody is There?

One of my college professors once pointed out in an evaluation how hard it was to read me.  I didn’t necessarily take it as an insult, but something I’d not thought about myself before that point.  I didn’t purposely hide from people, but subconsciously I learned long ago (apparently) to put walls between myself and […]


In the Dark Corners

The hardest part of trying to elevate yourself and your way of being is confronting those parts of yourself that don’t serve you, that hold you back.  Those parts which are the most in need of adjustment and examination are often the ones most painful to face, which is why people have a hard time […]


In Need Of Updating

The frustrating part of established spiritual traditions, even those which don’t quite fit the bill of “organized religion”, is that the prevailing approach to them is to adapt ourselves to their philosophies rather than choose to adapt the ideas themselves.  I think organized religion is largely to blame for this, as it introduces the attitude […]

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My First Tarot Altar

I teased in one of my tarot videos that I would start posting about this new thing I started with tarot altars, so here we go: No surprise to anyone, I’m sure, but I like to find unique ways to use tarot in life besides just drawing cards to see what might be around the […]


Different Isn’t Always Better

It’s funny how many similarities there are between spiritual pathfinding and choosing a career.  Too often the opinions of others and the “payout” impact our decisions more than our needs and core values.  People look to their careers to establish their worth or status in the same way we look to religion or spirituality to […]


Bad Energy

I took a weekend trip with my wife recently, a rare opportunity for the two of us to get away by ourselves, stay in a hotel and relax a bit, and do something fun.  It was a good trip overall, but it made me realize that there are just some places whose energy I just […]


Hey, Tarot readers…

Do you ever have one of those readings where it’s not until after they’re long gone that you suddenly realize there was meaning there you missed?  And they’re not someone you know so you can’t track them down and tell them about it…. Bummer.