Tarot Resources

For Querents:

Looking for insight and guidance?

If you’re in Southwest Missouri, I regularly read at Alchemist Attic in Downtown Springfield.  You can request a reading appointment via Facebook or check my scheduled reading times by contacting the store.

If you’re NOT in Southwest Missouri or can’t make it to the shop for a reading during my available hours, I also offer readings via email:
Yes/No Tarot Reading via Email
3-Card Reading via Email
In-Depth 10-Card Tarot Reading via Email

For Readers:

If you’ve ever thought, “What the world needs is a tarot deck where all the women do more than bear children and play second fiddle to male monarchs”, then I’ve got a project you’re going to absolutely love!


Check out my progress page and the Kickstarter campaign, and please pledge a little bit to help get this project launched! Even $5 would make me exceedingly happy!

My YouTube channel includes videos discussing the meanings of the cards, their reversed meanings, and how you can interpret them in an actionable way.  I film one per week, but if you’d like to see me talk about a particular card, comment on the channel and let me know.

Major Arcana:
The Emperor
The Hermit

Six of Pentacles
Page of Pentacles

Five of Wands


I also have a tarot workbook to help you learn the cards or develop your understanding without feeding you the meanings:
A Tarot Reader’s Resource Workbook
It guides you through questions and prompts which get you thinking more deeply about each card’s meaning, and can be customized for whatever deck you use and whatever style of reading you do.  Once complete, you have a handy reference guide custom-made for the way YOU read.  No resource is more valuable than the one you took the time to create yourself!

Also coming soon(ish):

Tarot for Atheists