200+ Ideas for Celebrating the Wheel of the Year

One of the things I find extremely appealing about a lot of pagan paths as opposed to the religious tradition I grew up in is that things are not divided neatly between spiritual/sacred and mundane/worldly. One of the earliest blog posts I wrote for this site was about how the “commercialized” gift giving part of the winter holidays is actually one of the parts I find most spiritually fulfilling, despite the way some modern Christians complain. When you really focus on getting your loved ones things that will make them happy, it’s a very spiritually fulfilling activity, even if it does potentially involve going to the mall or ordering stuff from Amazon, which is clearly not particularly spiritual.

But that’s the cool part, right? Everyday activities can be spiritual activities. Everyday life is meaningful and sacred on its own if we recognize it as such. The passing of time and the changing of the seasons is sacred in its own right, even before whatever spiritual traditions we want to add on top.

And that means that there are all sorts of ways to celebrate holidays or observe special spiritual occasions, and the meaning comes from within us. We simply ARE spiritual beings, we don’t have to do specific rituals or special activities to have a fulfilling spiritual life.

So, I put together a list of ideas for how to observe all eight holidays on the Wheel of the Year – ideas that include mundane activities, group gatherings, private rituals, and everything in between.

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