I Need To Feel Wanted

I’ve always expected my spiritual path, no matter which one I’ve been on, to provide me some kind of outlet for my talents and interests.  That’s actually how I tend to pursue all things, spiritual or not, so I know I can’t expect this to be the same expectation held by everyone else.  

But if your talents and interests and abilities aren’t aligned somehow with your spirituality, how do you occupy your spiritual time?  

I suppose for some it is sufficient to have a set of spiritual beliefs by which to live.  Active practice or integration into mundane life isn’t necessary for everyone.  Personally, though, I don’t see the point if there isn’t something to do.  It’s not really a spiritual life or a spiritual path if it is simply a set of things to believe.  

Of course, if the beliefs include evangelism or some other call to action that becomes the thing to do with your time and effort.  

But is a life devoted to converting others (or attempting to convert others) worthwhile?  For me, that would be like being forced into a career in telemarketing.  Yuck.  I’d feel like my talents were wasted, that my aspirations and abilities were of no value in that role.

I wouldn’t stay long in a job or a relationship where I felt that my personal contribution was unappreciated or unwanted.

So why remain in a spiritual path when you feel that way?

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