Beyond “Man Caves” and “She Sheds”

One thing I’ve always wanted for my spiritual life that I have not quite yet achieved is a private sacred space all my own.  I envision some kind of meditation/library/yoga space where nothing else happens.  

Also I want an alchemy lab that isn’t in the kitchen.

Clearly, I need a larger house.

Still, I think it’s not an uncommon desire among those who practice Neopagan or Eastern religions (and others, of course) to have a designated place for their spiritual activities.  Especially for those paths which regard spiritual activities as a retreat from the mundane and profane, the idea of shutting the world away and spending time in a sacred space is particularly powerful.  

In addition, so many of us follow individual practices which do not have a communal worship space to go to, and so we must make our own.

Even though most of us don’t have the luxury of actually creating a private sacred space, the mental exercise of designing one can be quite enlightening.  What would it look like?  How big is it?  What objects do you put in it and what do you do in there?  

In other words, what is so important and sacred to you that you would shut it away in its own special place?

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