What We Seek

Spirituality is a journey.  Some of us may not have a definitive “Point B” we’re traveling to, but at any given point we’re at a “Point A” and our goal is to go somewhere else.  And it’s everything that happens between A and B which constitutes one’s spiritual life.  I think too many of us, in our search for a spiritual direction, become so concerned about the end destination that we forget about the experience of the journey.

For those of us who feel compelled to find a meaningful spiritual tradition, it’s the experience rather than the destination that is the real draw.  We don’t just seek reassurance or achievement.  It’s not a need for a guarantee of eternal reward or a concern for the state of one’s self after death.  It’s a need for ritual, for meaning, for a practice which provides some kind of experience in the here and now.

It’s a need to travel, not a need to relocate.

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