Don’t Believe the Hype

One problem with trying to change something as integral as spiritual practice is that we’re actually pretty bad at figuring out what’s good for us.  We’re not even that great at figuring out what makes us happy.  Humans constantly pursue things which we think will bring us joy, only to find ourselves disappointed.

It can be argued that capitalism and consumerism has broken our sense of happiness and twisted our expectations.  We’re easily provoked to desire things, but over time it proves harder and harder to get satisfaction from similar experiences.  That means that, when it comes to seeking a fulfilling spiritual practice we are easily given to high expectations but even more easily disappointed.

So why do we let spirituality be marketed to us by external entities?

Our expectations tend to be more realistic when we set them ourselves without the influence of others.  If we decide what we need, what we want, and then go out looking for those things, we’re more likely to find something that meets our requirements and works for us.  But if we let others tell us what we “really” need, what we should want, and then go where they tell us those things should be found, we’re likely to end up feeling manipulated and betrayed.

True in all circumstances.

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