Not All Who Wander Enjoy It

How do you know you’re on the right path?

Regardless of what you consider to be your destination, any path can eventually lead you there if given enough time and chances to change course.  You can always recalculate and turn around.  But while it’s true that it’s often more about the journey than the destination, there’s little to be gained by wandering about and hoping to end up somewhere good.

So what’s the equivalent of spiritual GPS?  If we know where we want to go, how do we figure out the best way to get there?

When I plan a trip, the route I take isn’t always the most direct one (though that’s always a consideration and possibility), and it isn’t always the most scenic.  There are always options for speeding up the travel time or stopping at various places en route.  Determining the right path and mode of travel for the moment involves not just knowing where you’re going, but what you want getting there to be like.

Even if we know where we’re headed spiritually, what do we want the experience of getting there to be like?

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