Budgeting for God?

I spend quite a bit of time and effort on trying to maximize the usefulness of the space in my house as well as trying to allocate money in the best way, and I think I’m a pretty standard example in that regard.  When things are important to us we tend to be more willing to put effort into making sure all the required resources are available to support that thing.  If you love to cook you’ll put more focus on creating a well-organized and updated kitchen and setting aside time to prepare meals.  If you are really into fitness you’ll be more likely to arrange your routine to accommodate long workouts as well as changing your diet to support your activity.  Myself, I’m really into cosplay, so I’m more likely to allocate time off so that I’m available to travel to conventions and I will forego other activities to make time for sewing.

But I may be a not-so-standard example when it comes to spirituality, in that I actually set aside time to focus on activities which are solely spiritual in nature.

How many of us actively work at setting aside mental energy, physical space, or available energy to devote to our spiritual lives?  I know a lot of people who only really give any thought to the relative importance they place on the spiritual portion of their activities when they find themselves in a situation where they could have really benefitted from it.  Kind of like people who only really give much thought to contributing to a savings account when an emergency happens and they need money.  Personally, I’m much more likely these days to find myself neglecting my savings account than my spiritual resources, though I’m working on that.

There are ways, though, to carve out more time, space, and energy for your spiritual life:

  1. The most common way is to designate space or time for spirituality.  For example, always going to church on Sunday or writing in your journal every morning.  Like any routine, however, this only works if you’re good at maintaining routines, or if there is some kind of external pressure to adhere.
  2. It works better to marry everyday activities with spiritual ones which can be done at the same time or almost the same time.  For instance, keeping some spiritual reading in the bathroom to read would be an easy way of carving out time to spend with devotional or inspirational material.  
  3. The best way, though, is to make everyday activities into spiritual activities.  Your routines don’t necessarily have to change, only the way you think about them.  For instance, decorating your home for the changing seasons or coming holidays can be undertaken as a way of observing the wheel of the year or putting focus on particular spiritual imagery.  Or perhaps your fitness routine becomes a method of meditation, as repetitive activities can easily be adapted to become times of focused thought.

You may be surprised at how easy it is to find spiritual content in your daily activities.

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