I wonder often whether many people really think about what they need spirituality for, how it manifests in their life, or if they just pick a path and go through the motions because it’s part of our culture.

I wonder often whether most people think about how much they expect spirituality to assist them in ways that other resources might do better.

To be honest, I think most people don’t think about this at all.

We think about it when we see others making choices which offend or confuse us.  Like when parents rely on faith instead of science to heal their children and thereby endanger their children’s lives.  At that point we see that, clearly, spirituality isn’t the proper resource to turn to for physical healing.  We have medicine for that.

But what about the lesser things?  The personal ways we lean on spirituality when we shouldn’t?  Like when we use spirituality to explain away things for which we ought to take the blame?

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