Spiritual Cartography

It would seem logical that those who are seeking a path to follow would be more compelled to explore new spiritual experiences as a method of searching, and that those who are settled on a path would be less willing to explore.  And perhaps that’s generally the case.  But I find that now, as I’m pretty settled and sure about what I do believe and what I don’t, my curiosity about others has increased.  The exploration now, however, is not in pursuit of guidance and instead is in pursuit of context.

I no longer want to find my way, I simply want to fill in the map.

In fact, I believe in many ways the need to understand the context of spirituality in both a global and historic sense is what is missing in much of what constitutes spiritual learning today.  A full understanding of where one stands in the vast array of thoughts and beliefs and manner of worship is something which enhances and enriches one’s view of the universe, and if through learning those things you find your beliefs uncomfortably challenged then, well, you’re probably finally getting somewhere.

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