Selecting Your Tribe

One really important aspect of our spiritual lives is the community in which we become part.  No matter what our beliefs are or how we practice, we’re joined in that identity to others.  Most of us haven’t made these ideas up on our own, nor are we completely alone in what we believe, and even if we don’t match up 100% with an established path or tradition our beliefs give us a basis on which to interact with others.  Most of us seek out those with common beliefs, even if it’s only through reference material to help us figure out what we’re doing.

So it follows that one of the most important aspects of searching for a fulfilling spiritual path means thinking really critically about who we want to end up joining on that path.  What are they like, what do they do, and how do you communicate and interact?  These things are every bit as important if not more so than where a given spiritual path leads us.

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